Ban the smart search notification on JIRA



Also annoyed with the ‘smart search notification’ of JIRA. Get rid of it.


Once upon a time, there was clippy


This was clippy



Remember ‘Clippy’ Microsoft in Office 97 – I know that’s almost 20 years ago, so you might not be born yet.   This desktop assistant was created to help out any user handle their daily computer tasks.


But this thing was so annoying, interrupting the user all the time with almost  irrelevant information, that it became the laughing stock in the computer industry

Too bad history repeats …

The atlassian version of clippy – the smart search notification

Atlassian JIRA has an equivalent ‘Clippy’

Atlassian JIRA smart search notification

This notification pops up every time you do a ‘smart search’.


Note – we do love smart search which is great feature of JIRA (check here for more details)


The pop-up is extremely annoying as it hides some important functions in the issue navigator, and you keep clicking it away.


This issue has been raised in 2015, but Atlassian didn’t find time to address the problem – check JRASERVER-44561 for more details (vote for it and cross fingers)


Luckily – Matheus Fernandes provided a javascript to automatically remove Atlassian’s version of clippy by inserting some javascript in the announcement banner.


We are a bit of neat freaks regarding the configuration of our JIRA. We don’t like to misuse the announcement banner for chasing away this little bugger. Attached is a small add-on which loads the javascript as a resource – it is completely open source and can be downloaded – no strings attached.


Please feel free to use / fork it.





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