A 2023 Guide to Jira Burndown Charts


Jira is one of the most powerful platforms available for managing projects and tasks and it comes with an extensive suite of tools for tracking performance and progress.  One of the most frequently used of these in Jira Software is … Read More

A Complete Guide to Jira Subtasks

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Jira’s power comes from just how much the platform can be extended and customized at every level – from the very top, at the level of projects, epics and components, right down to the level of subtasks. But just what … Read More

Everything You Need To Know About Jira Reporting


This blog post was written by Khrystyna Shparyk from AlphaServe.  For businesses that use Jira for their IT and customer service management, Jira reporting becomes a vital asset to generating quick insights about projects, teams, and individual users. Jira has … Read More