A Jira Epic Guide (2022)

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Jira is all about getting work done, and Epics are a valuable way of contributing toward that goal. And generally speaking, Epics are intended for jobs that, as the name would suggest, aren’t going to be done in a day … Read More

Components in Jira : Get your Work Organized

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Using Jira’s Components feature, you can break projects up into smaller subsections. This makes projects simpler and easier to manage – with Components combining tasks into jigsaw pieces that fit together to fill out the bigger picture. Given this, Components … Read More

The Beginner’s Guide to Jira Align (2022)

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Jira Align

Jira is a phenomenally powerful platform for tracking work. Jira Align augments this by connecting technical execution on the ground with the wider business strategy – empowering teams across the business, from top to bottom, and scaling all the way … Read More