Agile coach with a zest of Atlassian

LOCATION: Brussels,BE   COMMITMENT: Part-time   DESIRED START: Immediately


iDalko is a team of highly skilled freelancers focused on ‘tools for agile teams’. While we focus on the installation and configuration of the Atlassian tool stack, we do encounter opportunities where the customer is looking for help to introduce agile methodologies.

We have now a position for an agile methodology coach who can help a customer’s development team to get up to speed with these methodologies, and all related good practices.

Who are you ?

You are a freelancer specializing in coaching Agile methodologies. You understand terms like scrum, kanban, retrospective, self-empowerment, continuous integration, test driven development, unit tests, git flow, devops, YTO, INVEST, velocity.
You can persuade team members why these methodologies work, based on the experience you’ve built in the past. You are passionate about software product development and you prefer quality above (functional) quantity.

As a master in facilitating planning meetings, you help the team to groom their product backlog, translate it in actionable stories.

You can introduce a delivery process which is traceable and predictable, such that the team can work in an autonomous manner.

You understand the functionalities of the Atlassian tool stack (JIRA, Confluence, Bitbucket and Bamboo) and can work with your iDalko colleagues to configure the environment to support the delivery process.

Knowledge about other tools such as Sonar, Artifactory, Jenkins, Nexus, or specific add-ons is a plus.

About the assignment

The coaching assignment will require you to

  • Assess the current ‘AS IS’ situation
  • Propose and agree on a ‘TO BE’ situation and an approach to achieve these goals
  • Organise one or more presentations to introduce the agile methodologies and why these work
  • Facilitate during a couple of months the sprint planning, demo and retrospective meetings
  • Attend and comment standup meetings such that this practice is fully understood
  • Coach the team to apply the agile good practices
  • Work with your idalko colleagues to configure and enhance the Atlassian tool stack
  • Regularly report on progress of the project

You can count on the backing of the customer management team to succeed in this assignment.

This assignment is estimated to last for 3 or 4 months, with regular on-site visits. The frequency of these visits depends on the proposed approach and the speed of the team incorporating the agile practices.