Business Administrator

LOCATION: Berchem,BE   COMMITMENT: Full-time or Part-time  DESIRED START: Immediately


Do you want to be part of something Big?

iDalko is a fast-growing technology scale-up with ambitions for world domination (tongue in cheek). We are a solution partner doing consultancy on Atlassian tools (like Jira and Confluence) to the local Belgium and French market. And we develop Atlassian related add-ons like Exalate and the Table Grid for Jira.

Some of our local clients are: Brussels Airport, KBC, Agfa, Barco, Napoleon Games, ...
Some of our international clients are: Samsung, Verizon, IBM, Dell, Apple, Tesla, Amazon, Nike, ...

As an Business Administrator for Belgium and France you will take on an important role in the team.


  • Customer contacts, they are many and plentiful! Yet in all of them you remain true to your purest, awesome self. Easy to communicate with and patient when required. A touch of humor when possible. Needless to say, you are very fluent in English, Dutch and French, both written and spoken. In short, si vous can read deze zin sans any probleem, we can travailler met jou.
  • The customer is always right, yet we make the rules. You’re very clear in what you say, and assertive enough to get that message across. We treat our customers as equals: we close crystal clear agreements so they can be honored without question (by us and by them).
  • While following up your pipeline, you dot every “i” and cross every “t”. Detail is your middle name, accuracy is your bread and butter.


  • Sitting quietly in a corner, patiently waiting until the finished deals happen to fall into your lap? We do prefer a healthy dose of pro-activity! We love it when people show initiative and take responsibility around here.
  • Want to learn? Great! Let us know, we’ll teach you whatever you want to know. We’re growing, and we want you to grow with us!
  • You like to be in control of your own part of the business. Ownership cannot be overstated.
  • Rest assured, no one is looking in over your shoulder, we applaud taking matters in your own hands, but if you call for a lifeline, we’ll be there to help you out.

SO, What's in it for you?

  • You get to join a superb team of dedicated colleagues, or should we say, work-family?
  • Flexible hours and working spot (work from home) are possible in agreement with your kick-ass team and after completion of your heroic training period
  • Salary comes with insurance packages, extra holidays, meal- and ecovouchers, mobility plan and more!
  • Free lunches are also included when you come to our spectacular office
  • You’ll get ample opportunities to learn new things and grow with us
  • No micro-management! Be the boss of your own schedule

Did we pique your interest? Reach out to us! We can safely say that everybody who did, did leave our office alive šŸ˜Š