Internal IT Engineer

LOCATION: Berchem, BE / Paris, FR / European Timezone

COMMITMENT: Full-time   DESIRED START: Immediately


iDalko is a fast-growing technology scale-up with ambitions for world domination (tongue in cheek). We are a solution partner doing consultancy on Atlassian tools (like Jira and Confluence) to the local Belgium and French market. And we sell an enterprise synchronization solution Exalate on a global scale. Some of our local clients are: Brussels Airport, KBC, Agfa, Barco, Napoleon Games, … Some of our international clients are: Samsung, Verizon, IBM, Dell, Apple, Tesla, Amazon, Nike, ...

A glimpse into the company values and culture:
There is no micromanagement at iDalko, you are required to work independently, make decisions and own the results;
We value proactiveness in projects as well as in daily tasks;
The initiative is appreciated when you also act on it;
We thrive on diversity & respect in all interactions;
We are in sync, meaning we keep things aligned, and well communicated so that the teams can collaborate smoothly;
And we enjoy the journey we are on because our team consists of people who inspire each other and work great together.

We have an immediate need for someone who can take care of all our internal IT needs.
Your main responsibilities are to ensure that everyone never have to worry about the IT tools and environments they need for their day to day job.
You understand sense of urgency, the value of automation and proactivity. Information security is in your genes, and have good (even innovative) ideas to tackle the challenge of providing IT Services to a worldwide distributed team.
Murphy is your worst enemy and you take care that he never can do his evil deeds.
On a daily basis you will handle all the internal IT requests raised by the iDalko team, which includes:


  • Manage the internal production infrastructure which is based on Jira, Confluence, the websites
    Which includes taking care of the  backups, upgrades, patches ... you believe that trying out a restore once in a while is essential.
    You can expect to have to dive into the configuration of Jira workflows, or setting up dashboards, even help the team to create reports.
  • Manage all internal servers and keep the OS fully updated, secured.  Ensure that only people that should have access to the OS level are having access
    You believe that nobody should know the root password.
    Networking concepts, VPN's, VPC's, linux system administration are your bread and butter.
  • Manage the communication infrastructure
    As a distributed team, we communicate over many different channels - including POTS.  
    Of course we are using a VOIP based system, hosted in the cloud.  
  • Manage the google workplace.
    Google workplace is the backbone of our IT infrastructure and a cornerstone of our security infrastructure.  
  • Manage licenses for all internal tools
  • Manage the requests which are being raised on the internal support channel

Next to the day to day operations, you will be asked to define, propose, manage and execute on various internal projects related to the needs of the organisation.  These activities are always a combination of project management as hands-on execution on the required tasks (either by yourself, or in close collaboration with the other people in the team)
These internal projects are meant to improve the overal capabilities of the internal IT infrastructure both functional as non-functional (performance, security, stability and scalability)


  • Hands-on experience with installing, upgrading, maintaining, and configuration of Linux-based environments.
  • Configuring databases (Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MsSql), email systems, proxy software (Apache, Nginx), application servers
  • Linux system administration, networking concepts, firewalls, routing, dns, ...
  • You understand information security and what makes up a secure environment
  • You can work independently, propose approaches, make decisions
  • You like to teach people how to be more effective with the IT infrastructure
  • You enjoy handling IT support requests, but enjoy it more if these are automet.
  • You want that everything is documented - but in the end - taking holidays is as essential as eating and breathing.
  • Experience with Atlassian products, google workplace, google cloud
  • English B2 or higher

We offer:

  • A professional environment where your contribution is valued;
  • A mutually agreed training program to help you increase your skills;
  • Interesting and challenging projects where you can learn from your colleagues (and we hope the way around);
  • An international team with opportunities for relocation as required;
  • And of course a competitive salary, health benefits and other perks (smile)