Java Developer

LOCATION: Barcelona, ES   COMMITMENT: Full-time  DESIRED START: Immediately

Our dream is to sync the world. So, we developed a software tool, called Exalate. Which does Jira to Jira synchronization.

Now we want to take a step further in our ambitions. We want to integrate it with other systems like SalesForce, ServiceNow, Github, Zendesk etc...

Are you the right person for the job?

You’re our perfect candidate if you:

  • are experienced with developing backend Web Application with JVM technologies;
  • are familiar with software architecture and design patterns, Scala, Play Framework, Webpack;
  • have excellent reading and writing skills as well as good spoken English;
  • can work in team as well as totally independent.

You will be having fun while:

  • developing new Exalate integrations using Scala and Play framework;
  • implementing new features and improvements on existing Exalate integrations;
  • getting experience in the front-end side (React, Webpack).

Why join iDalko?

  • You’ll have a unique opportunity to become a part of the company history;
  • You’ll be one of the first members in the growing Barcelona team;
  • Travelling: Idalko has offices in Antwerp (Belgium), Lviv (Ukraine) and Paris (France) and you’re welcome to visit all of them;
  • Learning: if you want to upgrade your skills of some technologies we will support you by all means at our disposal.