How to remove the mail prefix from emails generated by JIRA




We are using the ‘JIRA email this issue‘ add-on to send various types of emails to our contacts. One of the drawbacks of using JIRA mail is that every email is prefix with a fixed string, and it is not possible to empty the prefix when saving the mail server configuration.

But Atlassian has a page on this ‘How to remove the prefix in JIRA SMTP Configuration|


The problem with this approach is that no mail will have a prefix, which might be a problem for those users who are using the mail prefix to filter out the JIRA generated messages.
To resolve that second problem, you will have to access your installation and modify all the subject templates.



These are located under:

<JIRA install>/atlassian-jira/WEB-INF/classes/templates/email/subject

Edit all the vm files, and insert the prefix.
Restart JIRA and here is the result: