Idalko receives financing from KBC Start it Fund



KBC Start it Fund invested half a million euros to help Idalko become a market leader in issue tracker synchronization. The investment will above all serve to boost sales and marketing activities for their product Exalate. At present, Idalko has many open vacancies – for product development, digital marketing and business development.

For their ICT support, many companies call on service providers, an outsourcing and co-working trend that will only gain momentum. This often means that each problem is logged and followed up by both the company and its service provider, each in their own ‘issue tracker’. Not a very efficient process of course, as this creates duplicate work.

Idalko has come up with a solution – named Exalate – to link these issue trackers and thus promote a more efficient collaboration between companies and their service providers.
Exalate not only allows to exchange data between Atlassian platforms but it is even compatible with systems from other suppliers, such as HP Quality Center.


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