Turn your JIRA data up side down

Multifunctional advanced JIRA reporting gadget which allows to create cross tabulations across a long list of dimensions and aggregations.

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also includes Table Grid Editor information

Table Grid

This advanced Jira reporting gadget allows to

compare estimated time with time spent, create dynamic status reports and support requests created by customers


Multi-dimensional view of your data

Display data from any point of view. Create a multi-dimensional table by combining different dimensions and aggregations. Use this reporting tool to summarize information and structure your extensive amount of issue-data.

Aggregate information, including time

This gadget aggregates and calculates different datatypes, including time. Compare estimations against the recorded time spent in any dimension. Total time spent by issue type and project becomes easier to track.

Drill down to acces your underlying data

The drill down function gives you a quick and detailed view of the information behind the issue. To get more specifics of your subset, simply click on the values presented in the pivot table.



License details
Lifetime license - 1 year maintenance

Licenses entitle users to perpetual use. The first 12 months of maintenance, which includes updates and support, are included at no charge.

Discounts for academic users

Qualified academic institutions receive a 50% discount on license price.

Free for non-profits and open source projects

Free licenses are available for qualified not-for-profit organizations and qualified open source projects.

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With a fully functional Pivot Gadget license for 30 days.

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Professional service by iDalko, Atlassian platinum expert

The Pivot Gadget is an Atlassian-verified add-on. It was also picked by the Atlassian staff (featured on "Atlassian Staff Picked Add-ons" and on the "Atlassian’s Marketplace Monday").
The company behind the Pivot Gadget is iDalko, an Atlassian Platinum Expert Partner. We are well known for our service, you can reach to us with any question you may have.