1. Cross Company Issue Synching @idalkotools

2. Who am I • Francis Martens – founder at iDalko, product manager exalate • • Idalko • Atlassian Platinum Solution partner in Belgium and France • Premium add-on developer • Established 2011, 28 colleagues • Providing multiple addons on the marketplace

3. Your Environment

4. Everything is connected to everything

5. Challenges of working with different systems Challenges of working with separated environments Information gets lost Status overview is lagging What is happening !?

6. Collecting data = complex Aligning statuses = nightmare Coordinating projects = impossible Email is evil - really

7. YOUR issue tracker or MY issue tracker?

8. Challenges of working with different systems Information clutter equals Business clutter Loosing track of: WHAT? WHEN? HOW? WHO? WHY?

9. What about Synchronization

10. Why is real-time synchronization a solution?

11. Always keep crucial information up-to-date Trusted work environment and workflows Keep track of your project

12. Demo time

13. Synchronisation in action • Create an issue on blue • Exalate to red • Synchronise any information

14. • Operation • Post Function – to integrate in the workflow • JQL for automated triggers • API

15. Issue Synchronisation requires Field Level Synchronisation • Fine grained synchronisation capabilities is a must • Ability to map the incoming data according to local configuration

16. Workflow orchestration • Agree on how you work together • Take care of local process validations and side effects

17. Synchronise all objects • Versions, Components • Users • Epics (and all stories), Sprints, Issue links • Subtasks • Worklogs, Time tracking information • change history • Workflow orchestration • Impersonation of comments • Attachments

18. Characteristics of a good issue tracking synchronization solution FLEXIBILITY AUTONOMY RELIABILITY SUPPORT

19. Flexibility Look for a future proof solution

20. issue.customFields."Remote Assignee".value = replica.assignee ? replica.assignee.displayName + " (" + + ")" Flexibility through scripting

21. Future proof • Start simple with Synchronisation Templates • Add additional functionality as required thanks to the scripting capability • Exalate allows to sync anything • Scripting engine allows to access the whole Jira process space (on server) ie. Synchronisation of Insight objects • Some limitations on Jira Cloud and HP QC/ALM • New trackers coming up • ServiceNow, Sales Force, Sysaid, Autotask, …

22. World class support (Modestly)

23. Extensive documentation

24. Implement almost any sync case • Status to comment • Single Service Desk project to multiple Software projects • Service Desk replication • Agile Board sync • Multi level escalation • … “As flexible as Jira Itself”

25. Reliability !

26. Transaction based sync engine • All synchronisation operations are transaction based • Change Order is respected • Any operation can be paused and resumed whenever required • Engine supports Exalate, Unexalate, Clean-up operations

27. Autonomy

28. Avoid to be “painted in a corner”


30. The most flexible synchronization tool on the planet