Jira Administration


What you will learn in this course

  •  Describe the hierarchy of Cloud administration (Cloud only).
  • Configure site or system and Jira settings.
  • Set up users and groups and control access to your products and configure global permissions.
  • Create and configure projects with configurations like project permissions and roles.
  • Map your organization’s business requirements to Jira configurations by creating issue types, workflows, fields, and screens to make it easy for your users to get their work done.
  • Configure sprint and board permissions so users have the appropriate access.
  • Create a set of standard schemes and configurations that you can use to stamp out new projects and apply to already existing projects.

What you need to succeed this course

  • Basic Jira knowledge.
  • Jira Essential course or Jira Essentials with Agile Mindset.
  • Basic understanding of Jira projects, issues, issue type and workflow.

Additional Information

  • 10 Participants virtual - on site
  • Jira Administrator
  • 16 hours
  • Advanced
  • Cloud, Data Center, Server
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