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Rely on iDalkonian expertise for hassle-free Monday implementation, integration and license management
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If you have the perfect way of working, we can't help you. But if you're thriving for that perfect way, we can...

Rely on a team of +70 heroes specialized in tools for Agile teams, from workflows to customizations.

the idalko way


The base

We will not only understand your requirements but also your business. Empathy is our number one asset. We will listen to as well as challenge your needs.

The try-out

Set up a test environment and see if your dreams of an organized and controllable world come true.

The in-between

We train or help you train your organization. That is not only the usage of the tool, but also to inform your team of the why, how, and what's in it for them. Calibrate statuses, how data should be entered, and why.

The finale

After tweaking the test environment, it is time to move to production.

The after care

No matter how many eagle eyes and bright minds have worked on getting your project on track, tweaks or changes will occur after the production move.

None of the above is rocket science, but the constant focus on the outcome you wish to achieve is key.

how we do it

  • Discover your needs during workshops.

  • Analyze and propose solutions.

  • Make it real.

  • Let you enjoy and propose continuous improvements.

People first.
Processes: how do we translate requirements into workable flows.
Tool setup: to deliver your expectations and more.