idalko managed services

Managed Services for your
atlassian toolset and linux infrastructure

The Only Platinum Atlassian Partner for Belgium

Moving IT tasks to managed services of iDalko ensures you can avail the industry best practices for Linux, IT standardization, and Atlassian application support.

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Managed Services Tailored to your Business needs

Under the Idalko managed services support model, you can choose to continue owning your hardware/vm and software but secure a managed IT services agreement with Idalko to handle management, operations of the Linux infrastructure and applications

atlassian tools for platinum atlassian partner


We monitor your infrastructure and take a proactive approach to prevent problems

We manage software patches and upgrades (OS)

Update Support

Installation of software upgrades (Atlassian eco system) add-ons and Jira/Confluence

atlassian tools for platinum atlassian partner

Data Protection

Full service for data backup
and disaster recovery

Performance and structure

Periodic testing to ensure proper operation and maximum performance in regards to user experience

Maintain system documentation


With iDalko's managed services you can stop worrying about IT. And focus on your core business strategies and market growth.


Why iDalko Managed Services

Knowledge and Expertise

Leading-edge technologies and processes are the forte of a specialized service provider like iDalko.

We are a fully certified platinum Atlassian partner.

You can rely on top Linux experts to manage your infrastructure.

Budget Control

Fixed recurring cost
and a steady budget.

Agility In Mind

ITIL and Agile is our way of life and work.

You can expect a pro-active approach and swift interventions in a traceable and organized way.

Knowledge Retention

We document your systems and track the changes.

We set up processes to avoid "Brain Drain". Never worry for your company when somebody switches jobs or worse, moves to another company.


Easy scalability of the services. 
Our managed services grow with your company.

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